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4-01-2018 Easter - "The Emptiness That is Full of Promise" John 20:1-18

I heard about a little boy who sat down next to his friend in church one Easter Sunday morning and the friend did a double take when he noticed the boy had a really ugly looking black eye. His friend asked, “How’d you get the shiner?” The boy replied, “I ate some Easter candy.” His friend said, “Eating Easter candy doesn’t give you a black eye.” The boy responded, “It does if the candy belongs to your sister!” I heard another Easter story about two brothers who were getting ready to boil some eggs to color for Easter. “I’ll give you ten dollars if you let me break three of these on your head,” said the older one. “Promise?” asked the younger. “Promise!” Gleefully, the older boy broke a raw egg over his brother’s head, then another one. The younger brother braced himself for the last egg, but then nothing happened. Finally, the younger brother growing anxious asked: “Don’t you want to break that third egg?” His brother replied, “I’d love to, but I can’t afford it!”

To be sure, life is fu…
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